Genomics contract research organisation rebrands as Eremid Research Services

6 July 2020
Image: Science in HD

Eremid Research Services is the new name for the commercial arm of research organisation, DHMRI.

Eremid continues to specialise in the provision of genomics, metabolomics, NMR and vivarium research services, offering expertise in areas including human health, food & nutrition, and AgBiotech.

The company offers a ‘multi-omics’ approach, working with clients across the globe to develop experimental design and analysis that combines genomics and metabolomics services to generate fast and accurate results,and maximise the data gained from their samples.

Eremid’s genomics laboratory in North America provides instrumentation and research expertise in genomics, transcriptomics, epigenetics, and bioinformatics, using novel and customised methods, assays, and protocols to suit a client’s exact needs. Its metabolomics team provides comprehensive investigation of metabolites and metabolism, supporting clients with study design, sample extraction, analysis, and data visualisation and interpretation.

Julian Abery, Eremid’s Chief Business Officer said: “The relaunch of our established services under the Eremid brand marks a significant new phase in the development of our facility, at a time when companies in the food, agriculture, and health sectors are increasingly seeing the value of accessing the expertise of dedicated contract research teams. Eremid has one of the best-equipped labs in North America, but what really sets us apart is our multi-omics expertise, and our customised, collaborative project design.By focusing on the science at hand and understanding the customer need, we deliver data that enables companies todevelop products with improved characteristics, and enhanced societal and monetary value.”

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