Cost-effective drug discovery: How this AI system aims to assist

Aigenpulse has released an intelligence platform designed to speed up the drug discovery and development process.

The Aigenpulse platform harnesses the latest artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning tools to deliver advanced analytics to underpin scientific decision making.

Aigenpulse has built the data-agnostic platform for importing, integrating, processing, linking, visualising, exploring and analysing biological data across multiple sources and types into a common frame of reference. It lets users safely leverage all their data assets to create new insights, build predictive foresight and share findings with stakeholders.

Built specificallyfor the R&D enterprise, the Aigenpulse Platform means scientists can process hundreds of datasets simultaneously and at scale, freeing them up for higher value tasks. The platform can easily integrate with ELNs and LIMSs, in-house data lakes, for a single-point-of-truth for sample/experiment meta-data,and public data sources, such as TRON,TCGA, and GTeX. Steve Yemm, Chief Commercial Officer commented: “The need to deliver innovative therapeutics more cost-effectively and generate profitable growth means that drug developers need to embrace disruptive technologies. Being able to fail faster, design streamlined, targeted and efficient clinical trials, and accelerate the discovery and approval of new therapeutics, whilst reducing cost, is all achievable with the Aigenpulse Platform.”

“We have designed the Platform to help digitalise the entire research process, by logically storing and securing biological data from diverse sources and applying advanced analytics to aid data integration. We thereby provide a framework by which governance, regulatory and security policies can be applied and powerful insights can be generated in real-time. Ultimately, we combine machine learning and human expertise to facilitate the efficient creation of better drugs.”

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