This week in drug discovery (3-7 July)  

News round-up for 3-7 July by DDW Digital Content Editor Diana Spencer.

It’s been a fascinating week in drug discovery, as AstraZeneca announced that its Phase III trial of datopotamab deruxtecan did not meet its second primary endpoint and saw an 8% drop in its stock market value as a result.

In other headline news, the FDA approved the first cellular therapy for type 1 diabetes which could allow some patients to become insulin-independent, and a new study linked severe Covid-19 outcomes with high levels of antibiotics use.

The top stories:

Human gene that defends against avian flu discovered

New research has found a key human gene responsible for blocking most avian flu viruses from spilling over into people.

AstraZeneca stock value falls by 8%

Shares in AstraZeneca fell by 6% on July 3 when the company published the first results from its Phase III trial for datopotamab deruxtecan (Dato-DXd) and continued to fall throughout the day, though there was some recovery on July 4.

FDA approves first cellular therapy for type 1 diabetes

The US Food and Drug Administration has approved CellTrans’ Lantidra, the first allogeneic (donor) pancreatic islet cellular therapy made from deceased donor pancreatic cells for the treatment of type 1 diabetes.

Compound discovery has breakthrough potential for parasitic disease

Scientists have discovered a new class of compound that is potentially active against trypanosome parasites that cause human African trypanosomiasis (or sleeping sickness) and Chagas disease.

Severe Covid-19 linked to antibiotics overuse

Frequent and diverse use of antibiotics may be associated with developing more severe outcomes after a Covid-19 infection, including death, UK scientists have shown.

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