This week in drug discovery (14-18 November)

News round-up for 14-18 November by DDW Digital Content Editor Diana Spencer. 

This week started with World Diabetes Day on 14 November and concluded with the start of World Antimicrobial Awareness Week, which aims to improve education and understanding of the growing issue of antimicrobial resistance. 

There were also exciting developments in the field of oncology, with researchers identifying potential new drug targets, new ways to predict treatments outcomes in the lab, and positive trial results for a new cell therapy.  

The top stories: 

Copper-binding proteins are potential new cancer drug targets 

New research about how cancer-related proteins bind copper ions opens up potential new drug targets to treat cancer.   

New class of antibiotics could help address the TB epidemic 

A first-in-class investigational antitubercular agent has shown early bactericidal activity with a low, once-daily oral dose after 14 days of treatment. 

Positive interim data for cell therapy in solid tumours 

Triumvira Immunologics has revealed positive clinical data from its ongoing TACTIC‑2 Phase I/II trial of TAC01-HER2 in patients with human epidermal growth factor receptor 2 (HER2) positive solid tumours. 

Electrical network between cancer cells may lead to new treatments 

New research has found variable voltages in the membranes of breast cancer cells, revealing clues about how they grow and spread. 

‘Bone marrow in a dish’ used to study personalised cancer drugs 

Scientists from Oxford University and the University of Birmingham have made the first bone marrow ‘organoids’ that include all the key components of human marrow.

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