MolPort and BioAscent partnership reaches 100-project milestone

27 May, 2020

Compound sourcing specialist MolPort has announced the successful completion of 100 projects in partnership with BioAscent, one of the leading providers of integrated drug discovery services based in the UK.

Through their collaborative efforts, MolPort and BioAscent said they have significantly enhanced customer service by providing compounds in consistent formats and times, reducing variability and simplifying the sourcing challenge for scientists world-wide. Established in 2016, the partnership combines MolPort’s online compound procurement platform, consisting of multiple high-quality compound suppliers, detailed product information, and its project management capabilities, with BioAscent’s expert team of scientists that provide on-demand, automated, quality-controlled compound dissolution and customised reformatting services. MolPort said it receives many samples from suppliers in multiple formats, including solids, dry film, and solution in vials or multi-well plates. In partnering with BioAscent, deliveries are now custom-designed so that customers receive all compounds in their specified, ready-to-use formats and layouts.

“Reaching the 100-project milestone meant successfully fulfilling a diverse range of customer requests”, said the partners. Ranging from large to relatively small project sizes, different levels of project complexity and various timeframes, both companies said they tailored their support to suit the needs of the customer. In one of the partnership’s largest collaborative projects, both companies competently delivered a sizeable order of 143,531 compounds from 17 different suppliers, having managed all supplier communications, compound reformatting and project logistics. According to the partners, this was all carried out within eight weeks; from initial idea to purchase a compound library to sending the compounds to BioAscent for reformatting and management. The customer required just one single point of contact and the collaboration ensured products were delivered on-time so that screenings were carried out as scheduled.

MolPort’s customers can choose from over 7.6 million compounds from major suppliers using the company’s comprehensive database with continuously updated compound information, such as solubility data, to guide customers into choosing the right compounds for their research. “The MolPort and BioAscent collaboration makes the lead discovery process considerably more efficient and less complex for any laboratories performing compound screenings. This partnership benefits not only biopharmaceutical companies, but also research institutions, universities, and biotech companies around the world”, said the partners in a statement.

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