How to assess the safety profile of potential CAR targets 

CAR T cell technology provides the foundation for established immunotherapies against certain types of blood cancer and holds great promise for the fight against many solid tumours too. One major drawback of conventional CAR T cell technology, which relies on a single target antigen, is the lack of tumour-associated antigens (TAAs) that are truly specific for cancer cells. This means that the cytotoxic CAR T cells not only kill the tumour but also damage healthy tissue. One way to improve the specificity is using a combination of TAAs expressed on the tumour but not on healthy cells. 

Kill the tumour, spare the healthy tissue. Ultra high-content imaging enables target discovery for CAR T cell therapy, will be hosted by DDW and supported by Miltenyi Biotec. 

It took place on 14 Dec, 4PM GMT, 5PM CET. 

Watch this free webinar on demand with Dr. Christoph Herbel (Research and Development at Miltenyi Biotec) to learn how to: 

  • identify new tumour markers using high-throughput, flow cytometry–based screening and multiparameter imaging 
  • assess the safety profile of potential CAR targets 
  • test the functionality of the novel target candidates using Adapter CAR Technology

Watch on Demand for free here.

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