CRISPR screening: Achieving high-throughput single-cell sequencing

CRISPR gene editing

Join DDW for this free event, ‘CRISPR screening at scale: Achieving 1M cell data sets with an instrument-free, cost-effective approach, which is supported by Scale Biosciences.

The event will take place on 25 April 5 PM BST / 6PM CEST / 9AM PST.

It will be presented by Darina Šikrová, Researcher, Molecular Biology, Single Cell Discoveries. It will also feature an introduction by Melanie Masuda, Director of Market Development, ScaleBio.

Pooled CRISPR screens offer the ability to knock out or perturb many genes in a single experiment from several hundred to tens of thousands of targets in parallel. Genome-wide screens are becoming the standard for drug discovery to power unbiased identification of drug targets across gene regulatory networks. Requiring single-cell genomics as the data output, these experiments can easily reach millions of cells in a single screen and were previously limited in throughput and scale by both workflow restraints and costs of single-cell profiling.

ScaleBio’s technology enables high-throughput, instrument-free, cost-effective approaches to single-cell omics, and enables highly sensitive capture of guide RNAs matched with gene expression with their CRISPR Guide Enrichment Kit.

In this webinar, Single Cell Discoveries will present data on how it was able to use ScaleBio’s technology to perform single-cell RNA sequencing with guide capture on 1M cells from a genome-wide perturbation screen.

What you will learn:

  • Why CRISPR screens require large numbers of cells
  • How researchers are approaching these demands with the ScaleBio CRISPR Guide Enrichment Kit
  • How to achieve high-throughput single-cell sequencing for projects that demand it.

 Register for free here.

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