This week in drug discovery (25-29 October)  

News round-up by DDW’s Megan Thomas for 25-29 October  

DDW’s Megan Thomas has selected five stories which highlight the results that can be achieved through collaboration in the drug discovery sector.   

1. Australian researchers identify new pathways to target breast cancer 

A team of University of Queensland researchers have identified a pathway helping the breast cancer protein BRCA1 repair damaged DNA in a study that will inform future targeted therapies.  

2. Culture Biosciences teams up with to automate workflows 

Culture Biosciences has selected to digitise and automate its media preparation workflows while maintaining an audit trail.   

3. Ferrer and Treeway collaborate to develop treatment for ALS 

Ferrer and Treeway have entered into a licence agreement for the development and commercialisation of an oral formulation of edaravone (TW001/FNP122) for Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) in certain territories, including Europe and some Asian countries. 

4. Trivalent PROTACs more potent in targeted protein degradation 

Researchers from the University of Dundee and Promega Corporation have shown how a “three-headed hydra” significantly improves efficacy in targeted protein degradation.  

5. Partnership to accelerate clone selection and process development 

Waters Corporation and Sartorius have partnered to provide bioprocess experts with direct access to high-quality mass spectrometry (MS) data to accelerate the speed and improve the accuracy of biopharmaceutical process development.   

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