Partners hope to “chart a new era of drug discovery”

Big genomic data

A new multi-year strategic partnership between M2GEN and Zephyr AI will leverage clinicogenomic data, bioinformatics, and artificial intelligence to accelerate drug discovery and expanded use cases for oncology treatments. 

In this partnership, M2GEN will license its real-world data set (RWD) to Zephyr AI, while Zephyr AI will become a bioinformatics partner for M2GEN, providing the company with AI and machine learning capabilities. 

“Cancer accounts for approximately one in six deaths globally. Even more troubling, by 2040, cancer is projected to claim an estimated 16.3 million lives around the world,” said Grant Verstandig, Co-Founder and Executive Chairman of Zephyr AI. “This partnership not only holds the potential to chart a new era of drug discovery and precision medicine, but to save innumerable lives.” 

M2GEN has lifetime, patient-consented longitudinal clinical data from more than 350,000 patients, coupled with whole exome (WES) and whole transcriptome (WTS) sequencing, for both tumour and germline data. The data will be integrated into Zephyr’s trademark Vulnerability Network Method, which uses algorithms to classify tumours and reveal new targets for drug discovery, label expansion, and precision care. 

“Collaboration is core to everything we do at M2GEN, and this opportunity symbolises the power of working in concert to accelerate the development of cancer treatments and cures,” said Jim Gabriele, CEO of M2GEN.

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