Partners from UK and Singapore agree cancer drug discovery deal

Laboratory research

Cancer Research Horizons and Singapore’s Experimental Drug Development Centre (EDDC) have announced a five-year strategic partnership to accelerate the translation of cancer research into improved treatments for cancer patients.  

The international alliance will focus on leveraging the complementary capabilities, platforms and technologies from both partners, to accelerate oncology pipeline assets across a range of developmental stages and therapeutic modalities.  

With the breadth and depth of the combined competencies in translating research into impactful therapeutic solutions, the partners in the UK and Singapore will seek to identify novel cancer biology and convene joint efforts around target identification and validation, drug discovery and development programmes, thereby advancing cancer research for patients.    

Tony Hickson, Chief Business Officer for Cancer Research UK and Cancer Research Horizons said: “Cancer Research UK has a well-earned reputation for world-class oncology science and research, with Cancer Research Horizons at the helm of the charity’s efforts to drive forward innovation in the field.   

“But cancer is a global problem and solving it is dependent on us deepening our collaboration with like-minded organisations across the globe. This is why we wholeheartedly welcome the opportunity to work with EDDC which shares our drive to make a real impact on the way we treat and care for people with cancer.”  

Professor Damian O’Connell, Chief Executive Officer, Experimental Drug Development Centre, A*STAR, added: “Our strategic partnership with Cancer Research Horizons underscores the importance of global cooperation in finding solutions for tackling cancer. With the combined strengths of our organisations in the UK and Singapore, we look forward to accelerating the translation of cancer research into impactful solutions to help those affected by this disease.”

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