The steps to developing a quantitative assay for signature peptides 

Sensitive signature peptide quantification using accurate mass spectrometry is a free webinar that was hosted by DDW on December 1, 2021, at 4PM GMT, 9AM PT; 12PM ET; 5PM CET. It was supported by SCIEX. 

Dr. Xin Zhang, Senior Application Scientist at SCIEX, presented an assay development method using accurate mass spectrometry to quantify a series of signature peptides in rat plasma. She also provided an overview of the fundamental steps to develop a highly sensitive and selective quantitative assay for signature peptides. 

This webinar will benefit scientists and lab directors involved in protein biotherapeutics and interested in various LC-MS approaches, including accurate mass spectrometry, for their assay developments. 

Who should watch: 

Scientists and lab directors at 

  • Bioanalytical research labs 
  • Core labs 
  • Pharmaceutical development labs 
  • CROs 

 What you will learn: 

  • The fundamental steps to develop a quantitative assay for signature peptides 
  • An assay development example using high resolution accurate mass spectrometry 
  • How to address the sensitivity challenges in peptide quantification in a complex matrix 
  • How to achieve better selectivity between target peptide versus matrix-derived interferences and general high background effects 

Watch on demand for free here. 

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