Join NanoTemper Technologies’ Prometheus Panta tour

NanoTemper Technologies will be running a case study and walk through of Prometheus Panta.

Join the company on 30 March to learn how to make formulation workflow more efficient with multi-parameter stability characterisation.

This event will provide new perspectives on data and will look at how running thermal unfolding, particle sizing, and turbidity measurements simultaneously gives a complete picture of biologics during formulation and development.

It will also explain how three-way characterisation during a single thermal ramp helped a CRO choose the right buffer for a vaccine candidate by providing information they couldn’t find anywhere else.

NanoTemper Technologies says that attending the event will improve formulation workflow every step of the way and will reveal the biologic’s liabilities that are missed by other technologies.

Scientists working in formulation optimisation, developability, or comparability assessments are encouraged to register to join.

The event speakers are Charles Heffern, Prometheus Product Manager, Dr Leah Pandiscia, Field Application Specialist, and Dr Pedro Lopes, Application Specialist for this virtual tour of Prometheus Panta.

Charles Heffern is the Product Manager for the Prometheus product line at NanoTemper Technologies. His experience at NanoTemper spans the Business Development, Technical Sales, and Application Specialist teams. Prior to joining NanoTemper, Heffern did his doctoral work at the University of Chicago where he worked in the field of physical chemistry and the biophysical characterisation of biological membranes and their interfacial properties.

Dr Leah Pandiscia is an Application Specialist at NanoTemper Technologies. She received her PhD in Biophysical Chemistry from Drexel University for her work on characterising the role of cytochrome c on liposomal surfaces using optical spectroscopy. Prior to joining NanoTemper, she spent five years as an application scientist where she specialised in chiroptical, fluorescence, and absorption spectroscopy for the entire US.

Dr Pedro Lopes is an Application Specialist at NanoTemper where he is committed to maintaining and developing new customer relationships by providing technical support through installation, service and training of users. Together with Protein Biophysics and Biomolecular interactions, he has experience in X-ray crystallography for structural elucidation of complex molecules and NMR spectroscopy for in vitro diagnostics and metabolomics.

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