Deriving context from immunological data with flow cytometry – Webinar

Advances in treatments for human diseases, including cancer, rely on the ability to gain detailed information into the function, modulation, and variation of the immune system in response to stimuli or immunological challenge. Insights derived from these data have, for example, revolutionised cancer treatment by enabling the development of adoptive cell transfer therapies, such as Chimeric Antigen Receptor T cells (CAR-T), that harness an individual’s own immune system to attack cancerous cells.  

In this free webinar, supported by Sartorius and hosted by DDW, Nina Senutovitch Ph.D, Senior Scientist, Product Development, Cell Analytics, Sartorius, will explain why more efficient and powerful tools are critical for furthering the development of these highly target-specific therapies, as are analysis tools to swiftly interpret and visualise complex data sets.  

The event Deriving Context from Immunological Data with Advanced Flow Cytometry, took place on 4 November 2021. Watch for free on demand here. 

Flow cytometry is a widely used method to probe immunophenotype and function of T cell subsets but is challenging to perform reproducibly due to variation from different cell sources or time points. Senutovitch will discuss how one potential solution is the use of advanced flow cytometry that combines high-throughput sample acquisition with robust analysis software, to gain greater insight into the dynamics of the immune cell function, such as the ability to activate effector T cell populations or induce the formation of memory T cell subsets.   

Key Learning Objectives: 

  • Discuss immunophenotyping and advanced cell function assays, including cytotoxic T cell activation and T memory cell formation towards adoptive cell therapies 
  • Learn how to capture these data efficiently and reproducibly  
  • Learn how advanced flow cytometry addresses bottlenecks in the development and application of immuno-oncology therapies  

Who will benefit from the webinar: 

  • Immunologists investigating pharmacological reactions 
  • Immuno-oncology researchers and cancer immunotherapy drug discovery researchers, in biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, biopharma and academia.    

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