High resolution electron cryo-microscopy: From membrane proteins to diseases

Watch On Demand

Watch the webinar High resolution electron cryo-microscopy: From membrane proteins to diseases, supported by Thermo Fisher Scientific. 

The webinar demonstrates how cryo-EM is impacting high resolution structure biology from membrane proteins to diseases including Alzheimer’s disease and cancer therapeutics by showing high-resolution structures of these proteins bound to inhibitors. 

It is presented by Dr Abhay Kotecha, Applications Development Manager, Thermo Fisher Scientific. His work focuses on developing application strategies with cryo-EM high resolution single particle analysis to molecular cellular structure biology. 

Key learning objectives: 

  • Discover the implications of atomic resolution cryo-EM for structural biology  
  • Explore recent research on small sub-100kDa proteins and membrane proteins structures from both 200kV and 300kV cryo-TEM  
  • Learn how cyro-EM can be used to guide structure based drug discovery  

The event included a live Q&A.

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