Comment: Join the science revolution at Drug Discovery 2022 

ELRIG CEO Sanj Kumar tells readers how they can access the most exciting research and find the latest technologies to propel their projects forward at this year’s Drug Discovery 2022 

At ELRIG, our purpose is to support researchers in the life sciences and drug discovery communities to learn, share, innovate, connect, and collaborate. We understand that you find it difficult to keep up with the latest research and technological developments across the industry, from cell and gene therapy advancements to medicinal chemistry innovations.   

With increasingly diverse and collaborative thinking leading to unprecedented scientific progress, we are truly on the cusp of a renaissance in the life sciences – and we want to help you be part of it. Drug Discovery 2022 provides a platform for the whole drug discovery community to meet at a free to attend in-person event, at the ExCel in London from 4-5th October.   

Join us to learn from world-leading experts, foster collaborations and explore the latest advancements in areas spanning screening, automation, high content imaging, disease models and cell and gene therapies.   

Why you should attend 

At ELRIG Drug Discovery 2022, you will be able to discover the latest trends and advancements driving life sciences. Across the two-day event, learn about the latest path-shaping research, technologies, and approaches in drug discovery, all to keep you at the forefront of knowledge while uncovering new opportunities to streamline your own drug discovery efforts. 

Getting in early  

Early Career Professionals (ECPs) are the future of drug discovery. Not only will they become the next generation of key opinion leaders and renowned experts, but they also bring new perspectives to the industry that could help foster breakthroughs. If you’re an ECP, make the most of Drug Discovery 2022 by taking part in career development workshops; from panel discussions on founding a biotech start-up to ‘Network like a Boss’ where you’ll be able to start to build a network, helping you open new doors. And rest assured, the ‘Bosses’ who take part are all very supportive and happy to offer you career advice and guidance. 

Drug Discovery 2022: Your event of 2022  

Each year, we relish hearing your feedback so we can continue to tailor our events for you. And we heard you when you said you’d like an even broader scientific programme. To bring you more world-class science than ever before, we have partnered with the British Pharmacological Society (BPS), The Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC) and the Society for Laboratory Automation and Screening (SLAS). The jam-packed programme covers:   

  • Cutting-edge advancements in screening and automation  
  • High content imaging  
  • Innovations in disease models  
  • Advances in cell and gene therapies  
  • Revolutions through partnerships  
  • Future perspectives in medicinal and green chemistry  
  • Creative thinking to deliver therapies to COPD 

The latest tech  

Engage with the latest tools and technologies which can help optimise your research at Drug Discovery 2022. With 120 vendors filling the exhibition hall, you’ll have ample time to get hands-on access to the latest instruments and technologies for drug discovery. 

You can immerse yourself even further at ELRIG’s Tech Theatre, supported by Drug Discovery World, where there will be unique content and workshops sharing best practices and top tips on applying the latest technologies. 

With so many solutions on offer, you’re bound to find something that can help you overcome that persistent stumbling block in your research or product development. 

Networking opportunities  

As an in-person event, Drug Discovery 2022 provides a great chance to network. And what better professional life sciences event to network in than Europe’s most well-attended? 

Delegates come from all sectors of the drug discovery community, including industry and academia, as well as from other domains, such as investment firms, government agencies, and the media. Such diversity of attendees means you can better explore cross-sector applications of your and others’ research, absorb knowledge that could help you better achieve your scientific or commercial goals, or lay the foundations for a prosperous new career step. 

The Drug Discovery meeting has always had a strong focus on early career researcher development. This year, it’s no different. You can partake in a host of free Career Development Workshops ranging from panel discussions on founding a biotech start- up company to our popular ‘Network like a Boss’ session. Here you’ll learn first-hand how to effectively network in a supportive environment, helping you open new doors and unlock exciting opportunities in the drug discovery industry. 

But there’s no pressure — you can always just meet with fellow early career researchers for an informal chat and a Danish! 

Using the conference app, you can keep track of all these events, and connect directly with other attendees, easily. So, whether you’re a post-doc, postgraduate, or early career researcher, don’t miss this chance to meet knowledgeable mentors face-to-face, gain insight into the big picture of drug discovery, and positively shape your future. 

Join in and take part 

Across the two days, delegates can get involved in panel discussions, roundtables and hackathons, covering topics such as standardising lab system communications, the latest challenges in industrial pharmacology, and equality, diversity, and inclusion in the life sciences. 

Don’t miss out 

But Drug Discovery isn’t an event to simply attend – it’s something to be part of. Join in and contribute by submitting a poster, participate in a round-table discussion or take part in workshops such as the Hackathon of Lab Instrument Interoperability. Some of these activities have limited spaces, so register for Drug Discovery now and indicate which you’d like to participate in to secure your place! 

Volume 23 – Issue 4, Fall 2022 / ELRIG Drug Discovery 2022 supplement 

About the author


As CEO of ELRIG, Sanj Kumar’s role is to help fulfil ELRIG’s vision of providing a communication forum for the UK drug discovery and research community. Kumar has been involved with ELRIG for over 20 years, having started as a volunteer, but now is an employee. His career has seen him set up and commercialise several biotech tools companies, which gives him the skills needed to help manage ELRIG operationally as well as strategically. 

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