Case study outlines how to create more therapeutic opportunity

Pairing the right small molecule library with innovative high-throughput screening creates more therapeutic opportunity, this SAMDI Tech case study shows. 

Finding an encouraging drug lead that selectively engages a target of interest is the result of several matches that lead to successful drug discovery programmes, including: 

  • Matching a small molecule library with assay technology 
  • Matching a primary screening platform with orthogonal assays to validate hits 
  • Matching a drug discovery company with a leading CRO 

In this case study, learn how a biotech company partnered with SAMDI Tech for: 

  • Access to a collection of over a half million diverse and pharmacophore-like small molecules 
  • An industry-leading label-free and high-throughput screening technology for biochemical and binding assays 
  • Comprehensive solutions including assay development, screening, and hit triage with orthogonal assays 

Download the case study here. 

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