Avacta enters diagnostic licensing deal with Biokit

Avacta, developer of cancer therapies and diagnostics based on its proprietary Affimer and pre|CISION platforms, has announced a licensing agreement with Biokit, to incorporate Affimer reagents into a Biokit in-vitro diagnostic (IVD) product.

Biokit has experience in research, development and manufacturing of assays and biomaterial solutions for IVD use.

Under the terms of the agreement Biokit has the right to develop, manufacture and commercialise through original equipment manufacturer (OEM) partners a diagnostic immunoassay for this analyte.

Dr Alastair Smith, Chief Executive of Avacta Group, said: “Biokit will develop an automated clinical assay using the Affimer reagents that Avacta has developed for them and I look forward to the successful conclusion of that development process and product launch. There is also potential for the partnership between our two companies to continue and expand to include other diagnostic targets and future Affimer-based IVDs.”

Dr Marta Palicio, Innovation Director of Biokit, said: “The agreement will increase the competitiveness of our customised assay offering for our partners. Avacta’s technology also enables us to innovate our assays with new reagents like Affimer reagents, an alternative to antibodies. We can now move onto the next stage of development, incorporation of this technology into new products. We hope this is the first of many assays containing Affimer reagents which will be developed by Avacta”.

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