Appointment seeks to boost brain disorder therapy development 

Inscopix, a brain mapping platform, appointed David Gray as Chief Scientific Officer (CSO) in a new position to discover and develop more effective therapies for brain disorders. 

Inscopix provides brain research tools to basic and translational researchers in academia as well as biotech and pharma companies in neuroscience. The company’s data-driven platform has the potential to identify brain signatures that can act as biomarkers and targets to improve the understanding and treatment of brain disorders.  

With almost two decades in the biopharmaceutical industry, Dr Gray joins Inscopix with experience in preclinical neuroscience drug development and translational research and will help lead the company’s drug discovery and development programmes for neurodegenerative and neuropsychiatric diseases. 

“With almost 200 peer-reviewed scientific publications validating our brain circuitry platform, Inscopix has an incredible opportunity for a broader application of our platform and domain expertise to focus on the development of precision neurotherapeutics in the treatment of brain disorders,” said Kunal Ghosh, CEO of Inscopix. “Dr Gray will leverage our technology stack and work with both academic and industry partners to bring effective therapies to people living with some of the most debilitating neurological disorders.” 

Dr Gray was Vice President at Cerevel Therapeutics, where he led the development of late-stage clinical programmes for Parkinson’s disease (PD) and Alzheimer’s (AD) and was responsible for advancing early-stage pipeline programmes. Prior to that, Dr Gray held several roles during his 15 years at Pfizer, including Senior Director leading preclinical research teams and progressing programmes from initiation to clinical study in multiple neuroscience-related diseases, including PD, AD, addiction and schizophrenia.  

“Breakthrough treatments come from breakthrough insights. The Inscopix imaging platform and proprietary AI-based analytics represent one of the most innovative and effective ways to directly observe and decipher disease-relevant neurocircuitry, opening the door to completely new therapeutic approaches,” said Dr Gray. “I look forward to working with the world-class team at Inscopix and launching the company’s drug discovery and development programs to identify and advance transformative treatments for neuro-related diseases, while continuing to offer our academic and industry research partners unparalleled scientific and customer support.” 

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