Antibody therapy shows anti-tumour activity in advanced cancer


In an early phase clinical trial, a combination of antibody-based medications targeting the immune system generated promising safety data and anti-tumour activity in individuals with advanced cancer.

Both medications tested in the trial support immune responses against tumour cells. CS1002 increases the activation and proliferation of T immune cells by binding to a T cell receptor called CTLA-4.

The findings were published in CANCER, a peer-reviewed journal of the American Cancer Society.

CS1003, also called nofazinlimab, blocks the programmed cell death protein 1 that is expressed on various types of immune cells and plays a role in suppressing the immune system.

In this first-in-human multicentre, open-label study conducted at nine study sites in Australia and China, Phase Ia involved monotherapy dose-escalation (Part 1), which was followed by Phase Ib combination therapy dose escalation (Part 2) and expansion (Part 3).

Various dosing schedules of CS1002 (0.3, 1, or 3mg/kg once every three weeks, or 3mg/kg once every nine weeks) were evaluated with 200mg CS1003 once every three weeks. During treatment, investigators did not observe any dose-limiting toxicities or a maximum tolerated dose.

Of 61 patients evaluable for treatment efficacy, 23 (37.7%) with different types of tumours experienced a positive response. Higher response rates occurred with conventional and high-dose CS1002 regimens (1mg/kg once every three weeks or 3mg/kg once every nine weeks) compared with low-dose CS1002 (0.3mg/kg once every three weeks) in certain cancers such as melanoma and skin cancer.

“CS1002 in combination with CS1003 had a manageable safety profile across a broad dosing range and showed promising anti-tumour activities across CS1002 dose levels when combined with CS1003,” the investigators wrote. “This supports further assessment of CS1002 in combination with CS1003 for the treatment of solid tumours.”

Diana Spencer, Senior Digital Content Editor, DDW

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