Webinar – applications in early monoclonal antibody discovery

In this webinar, Christina Pettus, Senior Scientist, Charles River Laboratories, provides insights into how the company incorporates Octet Bio-Layer Interferometry (BLI) into its monoclonal antibody discovery workflow for discovery campaigns, antibody optimisation, and IgG characterisation. The webinar elaborates on the use of the Octet BLI for quality control of proteins, high throughput hit screening with crude single chain library clones, blocking/competition assays using crude and purified samples, and kinetic determination of antibody-antigen binding.

Join us on 27 September, 4:00PM – 5:00PM BST.

Key Learning Objectives from this webinar:

  •  Use of the Octet BLI platform for ultrahigh throughput hit screening and for off-rate ranking of crude periplasmic extract samples during early antibody discovery.
  •  Octet BLI applications in reagent quality control including binding interaction studies and rapid antibody quantitation using minimal and crude samples.
  •  Setting up high throughput epitope blocking assays: premix and classical sandwich competition assays with crude periplasmic extracts or purified monoclonal antibodies.
  • How to obtain kinetics measurements of purified monoclonal antibodies in a high throughput manner.

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