Understanding macrophages for future therapy success: event

Macrophages are involved in many different disease states, so understanding more about how these cells are regulated is important for future therapies for a range of diseases.  CD14, a co-receptor for bacterial lipopolysaccharide, and can potentiate inflammatory signalling when upregulated on myeloid cells during differentiation.

Join DDW for this webinar, A new path to the clinic using CRISPR-Cas screens and cell panel drug screens in target ID and validation.

It is hosted by DDW, supported by Horizon Discovery and will feature the expertise of Palwinder Mander, GSK.

It took place on 6 July 2021.  Watch on demand for FREE here.

The genetic control of CD14 upregulation remains poorly studied, so our webinar presenter, Palwinder Mander and colleagues carried out a CRISPR screen in the monocytic cell line THP1, as these cells can be reliably differentiated into macrophages using PMA.

CD14 expression levels were used as a readout for the screen. This genetic screen identified a number of novel targets regulating CD14 expression in macrophages including MAP2K3. This webinar will be of interest to those involved in target ID and validation in immune cells and in particularly scientists at all levels wanting to understand more about the contribution of CRISPR screens and cell panel drug screens in the search for new therapeutics.



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