Taconic Biosciences expands immuno-oncology animal model portfolio

Taconic Biosciences, global provider of drug discovery animal model solutions, has expanded its immuno-oncology portfolio.

Immuno-oncology is a leading research priority because it uses the body’s own immune system to effectively treat some types of cancer. Syngeneic tumour animal models play a critical role because they use standard inbred mice that have a competent immune system, which is required to evaluate immune-modulating therapies. These models are engrafted with mouse tumours derived from the same strain background; this genetic similarity between tumour and host prevents the host from rejecting the tumour.

One consideration in using syngeneic models is that some drug candidates can cause a negative immune response not seen in humans. Standard mice may develop anti-drug antibodies (ADA), which can neutralise the therapeutic or even trigger anaphylaxis. This can prevent researchers from determining therapeutic efficacy in a preclinical study.

Taconic’s Jh mouse, which lacks B cells but retains other immune cell types, such as T cells important for evaluation of immunotherapies, is widely used to overcome this problem. Because the Jh mouse cannot produce ADA, there is no neutralising or pharmacokinetic impact on the therapeutic or anaphylaxis risk. Taconic’s Jh mouse was previously only available on the BALB/c background, so it was applicable to only a portion of syngeneic tumour studies. The new Jh mouse on the C57BL/6 background expands utility to cover most studies.

“Taconic is committed to both generating key immuno-oncology mouse models and facilitating access to them for drug discovery,” shared Dr Michael Seiler, Vice President of Commercial Models at Taconic. “The Jh mouse is available globally to both non-profit and for-profit researchers, including contract research organisations.”

Cohorts of both the C57BL/6 and BALB/c versions of the Jh mouse are available for immediate delivery.



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