Strategic collaboration to enhance targeted oncology programmes

Cancer research in lab

Oncology platform company Tavros Therapeutics and biopharmaceutical company Vividion Therapeutics (a subsidiary of Bayer AG) have agreed to collaborate on four oncology targets across an initial five-year term.

Tavros’ functional and computational genomics technologies are designed to uncover unique vulnerabilities within tumours to discover novel targets and biomarkers in areas of high unmet clinical need.

“The future of cancer treatment lies in the precision targeting of therapies in the optimal clinical settings. This partnership allows Tavros to expand the actionability of our platform into a new target space by pairing our precision oncology platform with Vividion’s unmatched ability to drug the traditionally undruggable,” said Tavros CEO and co-founder Eoin McDonnell.

Tavros will receive $17.5 million from Vividion upfront and is eligible to receive up to $430.5 million in potential future payments based on agreed preclinical, clinical development, and commercial milestones.

Vividion also has options to pursue up to five additional targets with up to $482 million in potential additional future payments. 

“Despite decades of effort, many targets remain inaccessible to traditional small molecule drugs, and many others have uncertain relevance to disease,” commented Vividion Therapeutics CEO Jeffrey Hatfield. “This collaboration brings together two orthogonal, highly innovative and synergistic approaches to drug discovery that will address both of these challenges.”

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