Webinar: Accelerate drug discovery with AI Amino Acid Mapping

Artificial Intelligence

Traditional drug discovery is time-consuming and expensive, and numerous industry studies are showing a year-on-year decrease in return on investment from R&D efforts across the board.

Join DDW and FUJIFILM Wako on 24 May 3PM BST to learn more about how AI-AAM (AI-Amino-Acid Mapping), its new proprietary scaffold-hopping method based on AI and chemical simulation techniques, can be used to address this challenge, accelerating the identification of hit compounds and improvements in compound structure for small molecules and peptides.

This exclusive webinar, ‘Accelerate drug discovery with AI-AAM: Using AI to discover drugs and improve existing compounds’, will detail how FUJIFILM Wako has commercialised the AI-AAM method as the ‘drug2drugs CRO service’, now available in US and European markets.

The event will feature Shino Ohira, Researcher at the Analysis Technology Center at Fujifilm Corporation and one of the developers of the AI-AAM method.

What you will learn:

  • What is the AI-AAM method and how exactly does it work?
  • What evidence is there showing that the AI-AAM method is effective in identifying drug candidates?
  • How can the AI-AAM method help me in my efforts in drug discovery?

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