Pharmacology expert explains how to improve the drug discovery process

In an exclusive event for DDW, Dr Holliday, Chief Scientific Officer, Excellerate Bioscience, will focus on the importance of kinetic assays in drug discovery.

What you will learn:

  • How association and dissociation rate constants describe compound binding kinetics
  • The potential clinical benefits of optimising kinetic constants when compound profiling
  • The wider relevance of signalling kinetics in determining therapeutic effects
  • How experts in molecular pharmacology are utilising lab automation instruments
  • The advantages you can gain from collaborating with an expert CRO

Putting the dynamics into compound profiling: using kinetic assays to shape drug discovery, will take place on 10 December at 3PM (BST). It is hosted by DDW and supported by SPT Labtech. It will be delivered by Excellerate Bioscience, an innovative contract research organisation known for its excellence in molecular and cellular pharmacology.

With 25 years’ experience in the molecular pharmacology of receptors and other drug targets, Dr Holliday will share his expertise with the DDW audience.

“Hearing from customers is key, enabling us to better support our users and share these learnings with our drug discovery network. Nick and the team at Excellerate Bioscience are working at the cutting edge of their field making them ideal partners to showcase some of the latest research,” said Carey Rooks, Content & Brand Lead, SPT Labtech.

Webinar overview
Date: 10 December 2020
Time: 3pm UK BST

Cost: Free-to-attend (participation subject to approval)

Click here to register for free


Main image credit: ThisIsEngineering RAEng






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