PCR Biosystems launches RNase inhibitor for reliable RNA protection

PCR Biosystems has launched RiboShield RNase Inhibitor. Already a component of several PCR Biosystems kits, this robust and reliable RNase inhibitor is now available as a standalone product. RiboShield RNase Inhibitor is a recombinant protein that blocks the activity of a range of ribonucleases to reliably protect RNA from RNase digestion. The inhibitor is designed for use in RNA-sensitive applications including RNA purification, cDNA synthesis, RT-PCR, RNA sequencing, and in-situ hybridisation. With such techniques, the presence of even small amounts of RNase can be highly detrimental to RNA quality and experimental outcome. RiboShield RNase Inhibitor also complements PCR Biosystems’s range of products to support COVID-19 research and testing.

One new application for RiboShield RNase Inhibitor is in saliva-based testing for the presence of SARS-CoV-2. This is currently gaining popularity as it is easy for people to collect their own samples with minimal discomfort compared with the standard nasopharyngeal swab. While the sample is simple to obtain, the digestive enzymes present in saliva make for a hostile environment for RNA. Using an RNase inhibitor is essential to provide adequate RNA protection and generate accurate test results.

Alex Wilson, Co-Founder of PCR Biosystems said, “We’re pleased to introduce the highly effective RiboShield RNase Inhibitor from our kits as a standalone product. As PCR specialists, we are committed to developing products that meet the exact needs of our customers, which is particularly important in the rapidly evolving diagnostics field. All PCR Biosystems products are designed to reach our high quality standards and we are confident that scientists can switch from other RNase inhibitors to RiboShield without seeing any negative impact on RNA integrity.”

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