Partnership meets an unmet need for bipolar disorder patients 

Lo.Li. Pharma International has announced a new strategic partnering plan for its new product, Deplesin, which meets an unmet need for bipolar disorder (BD) patients. The discussions are underway with the aim of increasing accessibility to this novel adjunctive agent in the treatment of BD patients, who often experience a number of unpleasant and long-term side effects associated with primary pharmacotherapy. 


While many drugs have been approved since the introduction of lithium in the 1970s, which is still considered the gold-standard treatment for most BD patients, there is still an unmet need for patients who are experiencing these concerning side effects. Deplesin is said to offer a new solution. 

Official comments 

“Millions of bipolar patients around the world are experiencing unnecessary, and often embarrassing side effects from their primary pharmacological treatments,” said Samanta De Filippi, General Manager of Lo.Li. Pharma International. “Our Founder, global inositol expert Vittorio Unfer, MD, developed Deplesin as an add-on therapy to gold standard agents like lithium, valproic acid, and carbamazepine to support patients in ways that prescription medications often cannot; in this case, to alleviate primary treatment side effects which lead to drug abandonment or poor quality of life.”  

De Filippi said: “With over 15 years of commercialization experience in the local Italian market, we know how difficult it can be to remain competitive in a crowded industry. Imagine bringing a completely novel product to market, which almost all BD patients truly need. The question our potential partners are asking is, ‘How can we bring a new, innovative product to market, that would meet an unmet need for both BD patients and their treating psychiatrists, but not spend millions in R&D costs to do so?'” 

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