New solid tumour panel could save time and expense 

Integrated DNA Technologies (IDT) has launched a new solution to optimise operational efficiency and the identification of solid cancer tumours.  

The IDT Archer FUSIONPlex Core Solid Tumor Panel is a first-line cancer research testing solution that has been expanded and optimised for additional single nucleotide variant (SNV) and indel coverage to streamline fusion detection and variant calling through a single assay.  

The new RNA-based sequencing offering for solid tumours uses a single RNA/TNA input sample and could provide time, resource and cost savings for researchers. 

“With the race to provide accurate and timely oncology data, labs are on a continuous pursuit to do more with less – less effort, less time and less expense,” said Verity Johnson, VP of Archer Product at IDT.  

“The Archer FUSIONPlex Core Solid Tumor Panel paired with Archer Analysis responds to the challenges labs are facing worldwide and delivers a thoughtfully curated solution that enables researchers to more rapidly build comprehensive biomarker profiles from a single, limited input sample.” 

As cancer is a complex disease to study with multiple important biomarkers, a comprehensive discovery method is becoming increasingly critical to researchers. The Archer FUSIONPlex Core Solid Tumor Panel provides a new option for researchers looking for an alternative to current methods. 

The FUSIONPlex Core Solid Tumor Panel is a balanced pool of gene-specific primer (GSP) oligonucleotides targeting 56 genes. AMP-based library preparation for Archer NGS research assays can be implemented in 1.5 days with minimal hands-on time, according to the company. 

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