New drug shows promising neuroprotective effects

CT scans of the brain

Galimedix Therapeutics has announced data showing small molecule GAL-201 has neuroprotective and symptomatic alleviation potential in models of Alzheimer’s disease (AD).

These new findings support previous studies where GAL-201 was characterised as a promising development candidate for the treatment of AD (Russ et. al. 2022).

The data was presented at the International Conference on Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s Diseases and related neurological disorders (AD/PD 2024).

“The small molecule GAL-201 belongs to a new pharmacological class of amyloid beta aggregation modulators that acts upstream of other known Aβ-targeting agents,” explained Hermann Russ, Co-founder, and Chief Scientific Officer of Galimedix.

“The positive results presented at AD/PD 2024 demonstrate how treatment with GAL-201 has a potential neuroprotective effect and may also improve cognitive function. Furthermore, they validate that toxic Aβ oligomers and protofibrils are a major underlying cause of this devastating disease, and not the deposited forms of Aβ. We look forward to advancing this promising new drug candidate into the clinic.”

The data showed a high affinity of GAL-201 to misfolded Aβ monomers, the precursors of the neurotoxic forms of Aβ oligomers and protofibrils. Binding of GAL-201 to the Aβ monomers significantly prevented Aβ-induced suppression of long-term potentiation (LTP), considered a neuronal correlate of learning and memory.

These results mirrored morphological changes observed in neuronal cells (dendrites), where Aβ-induced spine loss was also prevented. Preserving dendritic spines is essential, as they are correlated with synaptic plasticity. Additionally, in behavioural experiments using AD animal models, a single injection of GAL-201 resulted in improved cognitive performance, both in duration (escape latency) and accuracy (left and right decisions) performing a task (water-cross maze) and were comparable to healthy mice.

Diana Spencer, Senior Digital Content Editor, DDW

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