New data integrations to accelerate bioprocess data insights

908 Devices has announced two data analysis partnerships to integrate with the REBEL, its first at-line fresh and spent cell media analyser for bioprocess labs. With the integration of leading data exploratory tool Sartorius’ SIMCA and Securecell’s Lucullus Process Information Management System (PIMS), users can turn REBEL data into deeper actionable insights to drive operational excellence.

908 Devices partnered with Sartorius to allow customers to leverage the multivariate modelling used in SIMCA, which identifies hidden trends and patterns not visible by univariate data analytic methods.

The data flow from the REBEL into SIMCA is said to improve process development analytics, while the improved data visualisation, via interactive plots and direct drill-down analytics, provides easy access to visualisation and interpretation of data patterns, expediting the identification of nutrient trends.

908 Devices partnered with Securecell to empower REBEL users with comprehensive Critical Process Parameter (CPP) monitoring and data management, from raw material to the final product. REBEL customers can conduct more sophisticated data collection as they monitor metrics of cell culture media with Lucullus through streamlined UI and automated visualisation of trends in fresh or spent cell culture media for selection and rapid optimisation. They gain the ability to store all analytical results from medium quality control testing in one place as well as simplified correlation of nutrients and metabolites through streamlined data management, integrating with other data sources across the bioprocess environment.

Big data approaches may accelerate drug pipelines to ensure that once a biologic is moved into production, the process has already been engineered to deliver high yields and batch-to-batch consistency. Such data mining approaches are enabled with the integration of these two well-known, broadly used software tools.

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