Innovative advances in neuroscience

Active nerve cells
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In this webinar, hosted by DDW and sponsored by ACROBiosystems, you will learn about the innovative advances in neuroscience.

You will hear from Fiona Elwood, VP, Disease Area Stronghold Lead, Neurodegeneration, Janssen, and Jenny Barnett, CEO of Monument TX, as well as Rosanna Zhang, Vice President of Corporate Development at ACROBiosystems.

Fiona Elwood will explore some of the latest advancements in Alzheimer’s disease research, which includes data science techniques, digital health tools and novel biomarkers, while highlighting the unmet needs in developing treatments for Alzheimer’s disease that target the underlying causes of the condition.

In her presentation, Jenny Barnett will discuss how we can use non-invasive digital biomarkers to measure abnormalities in brain processes and find homogeneous subgroups of patients, thereby getting the right patient on the right drug. She will share examples of this precision medicine approach in cognitive impairment in schizophrenia and neuroinflammation.

In Rosanna Zhang’s presentation, she will discuss her efforts in expanding ACROBiosystems’ neuroscience reagents and organoid disease models to accelerate CNS therapeutics drug discovery and toxicity study: from pre-formed fibril models for AD/PD/ALS to 3D electrophysiology in iPSC-derived cerebral organoids.

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