Flow Eighteen38 reagent antibodies licensed for cancer research

Flow Eighteen38, FairJourney Biologics (FJB) and the Hubrecht Institute are working together to harness the potential of FJB’s proprietary llama naïve libraries to develop antibodies for research tools for the group Hans Clevers.

The Clevers group is studying molecular mechanisms of tissue development and cancer of various organs using organoids made from adult Lgr5 stem cells. Flow Eighteen38/FJB will provide the Clevers group at the Hubrecht Institute with research tools that will support the group’s future scientific developments.

António Parada, CEO of FairJourney Biologics commented: “Our experience in antibody development has been continuously reinforced throughout the years and our reagent antibodies platform is proving to be essential for the swift generation of unparalleled research tools. We look forward to supply the Clevers group at the Hubrecht Institute with robust reagents that can contribute to further scientific developments in their cancer organoids studies.”

Hans Clevers, Principal Investigator at the Hubrecht Institute commented: “The development of novel and more suitable antibodies presents itself as an advantageous approach for the next generation of research tools. FairJourney Biologics’ experience in antibody discovery, combined with the speed of Flow Eighteen38’s reagent antibodies program, makes them ideal partners as we focus on finding novel research tools that can leverage our stem cell-based organoids platform.”

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