Dry Eye Syndrome drug candidate shows promise


BRIM Biotechnology has announced it is preparing to initiate Phase III trials in 2022 for BRIM421.

BRIM421 is a first-in-class peptide derived from BRIM’s proprietary, stem cell regenerative, Short Peptide (PDSP) technology platform, which can also be applied across multiple therapy areas and indications. Data demonstrate the drug has the potential to repair damage caused to the cornea as well as treat disease symptoms.

The Phase II/III trial was conducted in the U. in 2020, with over 200 patients. Data support an excellent safety profile, with no serious adverse events (SAEs) and successful completion by 100% of patients taking part in the trial. Importantly, results demonstrate significant improvements (p<0.05) in secondary outcome measures on Day 8: visual analogue scale (VAS) dryness, VAS burning/stinging and VAS photophobia, and most notably a strong trend of improvement in primary outcome corneal repair (p=0.1) at Day 15. The overall results show that BRM421 is safe and well-tolerated with a unique early onset of curative effect.

Dr Haishan Jang, Chair and CEO of BRIM Biotechnology, commented: “Our two clinical trials have successfully demonstrated the strengths of our first-in-class lead asset BRM421, to treat and potentially cure dry eye syndrome. Millions of people world-wide are impacted by dry eye syndrome, with reported prevalence from 8% in the U.S. to rates higher than 30% in some regions of Taiwan and China. Currently, there is no permanent cure for dry eye syndrome, so we are particularly pleased with the results which confirm the disease-modifying effect of BRM421, and we are thrilled to be able to enter the next pivotal stage of clinical development.”

Image credit: Victor Freitas

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