Cytomos appoints new director to assist commercialisation strategy  

Biotech company Cytomos has appointed a new Non-Executive Director in a bid to help accelerate plans to brings its cell analysis technology to market.  

Dr Sharon Brownlow has joined as Non-Executive Director and will play a key role in helping Cytomos bring its Dielectric Spectroscopy (CDS) platform to market. Cytomos’ CDS platform enables scientists to collect data on the intrinsic properties of individual cells in real-time. With an aim to launch the technology in 2024, the company hopes it can transform biopharma R&D velocity and enhance process analytical technology (PAT) adaptation. By improving the pace and accuracy of single-cell analysis and enabling in-line PAT, Cytomos hopes it can help reduce costs for biopharmaceutical companies by helping them make critical decisions earlier and bring novel therapies to market faster.  

Dr Brownlow was previously Chief Business Officer, Commercial Director and Head of Collaborations at CGT Catapult. Her commercial expertise, strategic guidance and experience of collaborative partnerships will aid Cytomos in its go-to market strategy. Dr Brownlow’s appointment builds on Cytomos’ senior appointments last October of CEO, David Rigterink and CSO, Dr Lindsay Fraser. 

Speaking about her appointment, Dr Brownlow said: “The market for PAT is rapidly increasing. I selected the role at Cytomos because the nature of the company’s transformative CDS  technology marks it out as an innovator, standing head and shoulders above others in the field. CDS provides information on cell properties that other technologies simply can’t and has huge potentialto radically alter the way that processes are monitored, paving the way to the ultimate goal of creating digital twins and automating high throughput processes to deliver therapies to patients that would not be viable without CDS. The CDS technology has great scope to be transformative in both biologics and cell and gene therapies.” 

“I have always been a supporter of collaborative approaches to help ensure that technologies are delivered to meet an unmet market need and in a format fit for purpose, and that this is exactly the constructive tactic that Cytomos is looking to apply moving forwards: working collaboratively and fostering co-development with leading international CDMOs and other life science organisations.” 

“We are very pleased that Sharon has joined our board as she brings a wealth of highly valuable commercial and collaborative expertise to the company. This experience will prove invaluable as we look to bring our transformative technology to the market”, added David Rigterink, CEO of Cytomos. 



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