Combination cancer vaccine to be assessed in Phase II trial

Doctor prepares vaccine

The first 20 participants have been enrolled in a multicentre trial to test whether ImmunityBio’s Nant Cancer Vaccine (NCV) could potentially prevent colon and other cancers in individuals with Lynch syndrome.

The vaccine comprises a tri-valent Adenovirus (Tri-Ad5) in combination with the company’s IL-15 superagonist N-803.

With enrolment of the first two open-label phases of the trial completed, the study will now proceed to a randomised controlled Phase II study, which will include up to 186 individuals.

Each of the three vaccines in Tri-Ad5 targets different proteins associated with precancer and cancer cells. The vaccine combination is studying whether activation of dendritic cells and training the immune system to recognise those proteins will destroy the precancer cells before the cancer occurs.

The IL-15 superagonist N-803 is designed to enhance the effects of the vaccines by increasing proliferation and activation of natural killer (NK) and T cells, thereby increasing the potential for cancer prevention in study participants.

“We are pleased to be selected to participate in this important and innovative cancer prevention study, one that could provide insights into how the immune system could be harnessed to prevent cancer in individuals with hereditary risk,” said Patrick Soon-Shiong, Executive Chairman and Global Chief Scientific and Medical Officer at ImmunityBio. “With an estimated 5-10% of cancers inherited, understanding mechanisms that might prevent or delay their onset could potentially change the prospects for tens of thousands of people annually.”

Lynch syndrome is associated with a genetic mutation present in an estimated one million Americans who are more likely to be diagnosed with cancer at a younger age and are at increased risk of developing multiple types of cancers during their lifetime.

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