Clinical Ink adds 16th concurrent Alzheimer’s study

Clinical Ink, a clinical trial technology company, has announced the addition of its 16th concurrent Phase II/III Alzheimer’s disease study, exemplifying its ongoing commitment to this therapeutic area.

Clinical Ink’s platform supports the needs of sponsors working on Alzheimer’s trials by using direct collection tools that allow for flexible data collection options (site-based, home-based, and remote), which are critical for studies that involve contraindicated patient populations. It provides an integrated review of patient data progression, allowing for subtle changes in patient status can be monitored in real time.

The platform includes cognitive batteries, coupled with clinical outcome assessments, all on one device, which enables quality and speed. Delivering data to clinical research professionals is possible in near real time, enabling timely actions in support of patients and early insights into the study data.

In addition, the platform supports at-home collection for patients via provisioned devices or bring your own device (BYOD) — the use of a patient’s own smartphone — for improved compliance and better patient experiences. It also provides expert caregiver support for at-home patient diary solutions, which feature easy-to-follow workflows and simplified implementation.

Clinical Ink CEO Ed Seguine, previously a founding manager of the Eli Lilly & Co. venture capital funds, e.Lilly, and Lilly Bioventures, said: “Alzheimer’s is an especially complicated and challenging therapeutic area in which to conduct a clinical trial. Clinical Ink’s Lunexis eSource platform is custom-tailored for exactly such indications, enabling virtual and hybrid models driven by direct data capture. We’ve been pleased to work on therapies and devices offering such promise.”

Image credit: Natasha Connell

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