Cell and gene therapy market: Hear from the experts

Cell and gene therapy concept

Hosted by DDW and sponsored by Astrea Bioseparations “Cell and gene therapies – how can market growth be sustained to maximise on opportunities” – will be free to attend on 28 February at 7AM PST / 10AM EST / 3PM GMT / 4PM CET.  

Join this free webinar and learn about some of the key opportunities that are available to drug discovery and development companies following growth in the cell and gene therapy market.  

The webinar will feature talks from Doug Danison, Head of Commercial Strategy and Operations for Bayer CGT, Mark Treherne, Commercial Research Scientist and Chairperson at Spliceor, as well as Ian Scanlon, DSP Lead ATMP Purification at Astrea Bioseparations.  

Doug Danison will discuss transitioning innovative science into commercial success in the areas of CGTs. Mark Treherne will talk about advanced therapies and the development of RNA gene therapy for aggressive cancers which is being carried out at Spliceor. Ian Scanlon will discuss bottlenecks in advanced therapeutic delivery and how novel technologies can improve patient access and deliver sustainable processes. 

What you will learn in this webinar:  

  • Global opportunities created by advanced therapies in drug discovery 
  • How sustainable growth is in this area and what the research sector should be focusing on for future success 
  • The challenges this sector faces 
  • Key trends for this sector 

Register for free here  

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