CAS BioFinder Discovery Platform offers drug discovery insights


CAS, a division of the American Chemical Society, has launched the CAS BioFinder Discovery Platform, designed to reveal novel drug discovery insights through data connections.

The offering provides drug discovery scientists with the ability to explore known and predicted data, find answers to their questions, and potentially accelerate the preclinical drug discovery process.

The CAS BioFinder Discovery Platform taps into science content through the CAS Content Collection, which includes the world’s most comprehensive, human-curated scientific data.

In addition to connecting biological sequences, structure-activity relationship data, ADME-measurement, and toxicity to its substance collection, CAS more recently incorporated biomarker data linked to diseases and drugs. CAS leveraged Chemotargets CLARITY as the technological foundation for the CAS BioFinder predictive capabilities and analytics.

Through the CAS BioFinder Discovery Platform, users can explore empirical data and run predictive models to understand the likely effects of novel molecules. The new platform also includes API access to bioactivity and biomarker data that scientists will be able to process using their in-house models. Over time, the creators hope users will benefit from fully integrated innovation capabilities that span their spectrum of data, research, and workflow needs.

“Our mission with the CAS BioFinder Discovery Platform is to help drug discovery scientists in early stages advance their research more efficiently and confidently so that they can solve the types of therapeutic problems that made them excited to start their research in the first place,” said Dr Michael Dennis, Chief Scientific Officer, CAS. “The solution enables scientists to find, compile, understand, and trust the scientific content they need, to use it seamlessly to run analytical and predictive models, and to discover the answers and insights to ultimately propel their research, so the world doesn’t have to wait for the next drug discovery breakthrough.”

Diana Spencer, Senior Digital Content Editor, DDW

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