Are organoids superior to other preclinical models?

Bone marrow organoids

Developing new drugs is a complex and often lengthy process. A major roadblock lies in the limitations of traditional preclinical models, which often fail to accurately represent the intricate biology of human patients.

Join DDW for a free event on 18 June, 3PM BST to learn more about how patient-derived organoids are revolutionising drug discovery.

Discover how HUB Organoids faithfully recapitulate patient-specific pathobiology, remain genetically stable over passages and readily incorporate genetic modifications. This unique combination bridges the gap between the lab and the clinic, enabling the development of more effective therapies.

The webinar will feature Dr Sylvia F Boj, Chief Scientific Officer of HUB Organoids. Before joining HUB, Dr Boj studied the role of TCF7L2 in regulating metabolism in the laboratory of Prof Hans Clevers at the Hubrecht Institute. She then established human pancreas organoids from tumour resections in collaboration with the surgery and pathology departments from the UMC.

What you will learn:

  • How HUB Organoids overcome limitations of traditional models, providing a superior solution for disease modelling and drug development.
  • The latest innovations in organoid model development, including co-culture systems, expansions to diverse epithelial origins, and customised assays tailored to the specific research hypothesis.
  • The real-world success stories showcasing the impact of HUB Organoids across various R&D projects, spanning immuno-oncology, inflammation, infectious diseases, and personalised medicine.

There will be a chance to ask questions after the presentation.

Secure your place now.

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