Arctoris’ automated platform accelerates drug discovery

This paid-for advertorial by Arctoris appeared in the DDW / ELRIG UK Drug Discovery 2021 supplement in DDW Volume 22, Issue 4 – Fall 2021  

Oxford-headquartered Arctoris progresses programmes from target to hit, lead, and candidate with superior efficiency, accuracy, and confidence. Key to the company’s capabilities is the unique combination of robotics and data science, enabling better data to be generated faster and better decisions made earlier. 

Drug discovery is a series of decisions – which Target to focus on, which hit to progress, which lead to choose, which candidate to nominate. The key to making better decisions is simple: better data. This is why Arctoris developed Ulysses, a unique technology platform that enables the company and its partners to conduct their R&D – from idea to investigational new drug (IND) – significantly faster, and with considerably improved data quality and depth. With its combination of robotics and data science, Arctoris generates richer, more reliable data at speed, enabling better decisions both in human-driven and computational drug discovery. This leads to higher success rates and an accelerated progression of programs towards the clinic. 

Led by an experienced team of biotech and pharma veterans, Arctoris pursues its internal pipeline in oncology and neurology, while also partnering with other biotech and pharma companies in small molecule and biologics discovery. Arctoris is a trusted partner for industry leaders in the US, UK, Germany, Australia, Korea, China, and several other countries. Examples of partnerships include Arctoris and Insilico Medicine collaborating on developing novel therapeutics against COVID-19, and a joint undertaking with IBM Research focused on combining Arctoris’ unique platform with the automated small molecule synthesis capabilities developed by IBM.  

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