AI acquisition accelerates outcomes in early drug discovery 

X-Chem has announced the acquisition of Glamorous AI, combining X-Chem’s DNA-encoded library (DEL) data with the AI capabilities of Glamorous AI. This reportedly positions X-Chem as a leading service provider in machine learning-driven drug discovery. 

“What AlphaFold did for protein folding, X-Chem and Glamorous AI will do for drug discovery,” said Matt Clark, CEO of X-Chem. “Glamorous AI brings cutting-edge solutions to the entire small molecule drug discovery process. By combining the data-generating power of our leading DEL platform with Glamorous’ AI capability, we will accelerate our partners’ drug discovery programs and get medicines to patients faster.” 

The move helps accelerate drug discovery and offers several advantages, including: 

  • Expanded capabilities that save time, reduce risk and yield a higher probability of success from screening to clinical candidate for new medicines 
  • Rapid identification of high-quality starting points for drug discovery  Merging high-quality, large DEL datasets with sparser medicinal chemistry data to accelerate outcomes 

“X-Chem generates billions of high-quality data points with its DEL platform, and we provide the capability to build the best AI to unlock the power of those data. It is when such large datasets come together with a powerful technology like AI that transformation happens. This aligns very well with our vision to democratize access to AI and to provide a fully-integrated service for the biopharma industry,” said Noor Shaker, CEO of Glamorous AI. 

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