Agreement will speed up cannabinoid drug development

Cannabis plant

Oxford Cannabinoid Technologies (OCTP) and Evotec have entered into a service agreement to expedite the development of OCTP’s lead compound, OCT461201, a selective cannabinoid receptor Type 2 agonist, towards Phase I clinical trials. This Phase I clinical trial will be aimed at demonstrating the safety and tolerability of the drug product.

OCT461201 will enter Evotec’s INDiGO programme, an integrated drug development process for accelerating early drug candidates to clinical trial stage.

The INDiGO programme, which has an anticipated duration of approximately 12 months, seeks to clear OCT461201 for its first in-human clinical studies, by providing comprehensive manufacturing, safety, and toxicology packages for regulatory submission to the UK Medicines & Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) and the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Evotec will also manufacture and formulate the OCT461201 drug product for use in clinical studies.

The Directors of OCTP believe the INDiGO programme will increase development speed and optimise the chances of successfully progressing OCT461201 through the clinical phases in a timely manner.

Dr John Lucas, Chief Executive Officer of OCTP, said: “Evotec was selected as our drug development partner based on its professionalism and track record. Evotec’s broad range of integrated capabilities spanning the R&D process will power our cannabinoid discovery engine, limiting the risk of delays and enabling successful progression.  Specifically, this service agreement will help accelerate our lead compound, OCT461201, towards first in-human clinical trials and, ultimately to patients, to provide a much-needed safe and effective pain treatment.”

Image credit: Andre Taisssin

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