X-Chem launches small molecule discovery platform

Artificial intelligence (AI) company X-Chem has announced that its drug discovery platform XD3 is now available to biopharma partners and clients.

XD3 is the company’s small molecule drug discovery platform and combines data generated through DNA-encoded library (DEL) screening, along with analytical and predictive capabilities offered by A-Chem’s AI platform, Artemis AI. The end-to-end platform has been designed to help small molecule companies accelerate their path to new medicines.

Key features of XD3

 XD3 enables scientists to combine DEL, medicinal chemistry and AI to deliver enhanced small molecule drug discovery services. It can be used in a number of combinations, including:

  • AI + DEL applies the ArtemisAI platform to the depth of DEL screening data; it can predict novel hits and expand the scope of chemical space accessed for hit generation.
  • DEL + Med Chem combines DEL screening with medicinal chemistry to streamline progression from hit-to-lead to candidate.
  • Med Chem + AI accelerates medicinal chemistry through use of ArtemisAI’s predictive models for key pharmacological parameters.

Official comments

“The generation of large datasets and AI are transforming drug discovery,” said X-Chem CEO, Matt Clark. “We believe our XD3 Dynamic Drug Discovery ecosystem will maximally leverage our state-of-the-art technology in the pursuit of innovative drugs for novel and difficult disease targets. We want to transform the drug discovery process to bring drug hunters from target-to-clinical candidate at unparalleled speed.”

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