Waters and TetraScience partner to deliver access and insights for chromatography data

Waters Corporation has entered a reseller agreement with TetraScience, a cloud technology innovator for life sciences R&D. Through the partnership, Waters will offer its customers the Empower Data Science Link, powered by TetraScience. This technology pairs Waters’ compliance-ready Empower Chromatography Data System (CDS) with TetraScience’s Data Platform and data science tools, providing insights into chromatography data.

“So much of the potential for scientific progress and discovery today is held within the laboratory data that scientists work so hard to collect,” said Mike Harrington, Waters Senior Vice President, Global Markets. “Our partnership with TetraScience is built on offering scientific organizations the flexible means to access the instrument data connected through Waters’ Empower CDS so they can more easily use it to gain new insights and inform decisions. This is another leap forward in functionality for Empower, expanding the value of this market-leading lab informatics solution for our customers.”

Empower Data Science Link, powered by TetraScience is a cloud-native technology providing a solution for customers to unlock their Empower data and enable export into third party data analysis tools via standardised formats such as FAIR and Allotrope. Organisations can  accelerate scientific discovery by leveraging TetraScience’s cloud-native architecture, data science tools, and visualisation capabilities. These features are designed to enable easier collection, normalisation and centralisation of data to help expedite development timelines and allow scientists to make better informed and earlier decisions.

This technology facilitates the application of advanced analytics across Empower connected instruments. Empower-enabled organisations can leverage data science tools to uncover insights across their ‘distributed’ Empower data, even data that reside on different instruments located elsewhere in the enterprise. According to Waters, these capabilities are especially critical for organisations that prioritise quality-driven activities such as method performance monitoring, critical quality attributes, instrument utilisation or long-term stability studies.

“In order to unlock the potential of life science R&D labs and dramatically accelerate discovery, we must capitalise on the power of AI and data science. A precondition to enabling these capabilities is moving the industry away from a legacy data model of silos and point-to-point integrations, to a native and unified cloud-based data paradigm,” explains Patrick Grady, Chief Executive Officer, TetraScience. “Our partnership with Waters is an example of what can now be done to enable the life science industry to accelerate discoveries that can help improve lives.”



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