The latest drug discovery product launches


Several new products for the life sciences sector have been launched over the last month, from biomarker kits to video-based training platforms. DDW provides an update. 

Breath Biopsy VOC Atlas – Owlstone Medical 

The Breath Biopsy VOC Atlas is a catalogue of validated and quantitated volatile organic compounds (VOCs) found on breath, designed to assist in the development of biomarkers and precision medicines. 

The Atlas has been built through detailed analysis of breath samples representing a diverse mix of ages and ethnic backgrounds to identify and quantify commonly seen chemicals originating from breath. 

The field of breath analysis has grown rapidly over the last 20 years, yet the rate of novel biomarker discovery and conversion into clinical tests has remained low. Biomarker studies starting from a set of known compounds of interest are more successful, however, in breath the list of reliable and validated chemicals is very limited. 

Gyrolab Biomarker Kits – Gyros Protein Technologies 

Gyrolab Human Cytokine Kit Reagents are the first in a range of new biomarker kits from Gyros Protein Technologies.  

They include five single analyte biomarker kit reagents for the quantification of human inflammatory cytokines: human TNF-a, IFN-gamma, IL-6, IL-10 and IL-4. 

The new kits enable high quality data to be generated through well characterised kit reagents and standards, and cover the full spectrum of cytokine levels seen in disease states or pharmacodynamic studies. 

The use of biomarkers in biotherapeutic development continues to increase. The introduction of plug and play kits is designed to increase the utility of the platform by removing the timelines needed for assay development. 

Asteria Benchtop Kit and the Cytonaut Cloud Analysis Software – Scipio bioscience 

Scipio bioscience’s single-cell RNA-seq solution includes the Asteria Benchtop Kit and the Cytonaut Cloud Analysis Software.  

The kit and software combination promises a simplified workflow, flexibility, and greater ease and confidence in data analysis.  

The company has announced a single-cell grant program for four researchers to receive a complete 3′ scRNA-seq solution valued up to US$30,000. Grant recipients will be selected based on need and scientific merit, along with the feasibility and readiness of the study and their ability to publicly share the study results. 

The deadline for applications is January 31, 2023.

Video-based training via ComplianceWire – DeepHow and UL Solutions 

UL Solutions will add DeepHow’s AI-powered video-based training platform to its compliance training learning management system (LMS) ComplianceWire️. 

The ComplianceWire platform delivers, tracks, and manages qualifications and task-based technical competencies in a compliance-driven environment. It includes more than 400 life-science-specific courses, of which 110 courses were developed jointly with the FDA. 

DeepHow enables training content managers to capture instructional content with a smartphone and turn that content into videos that improve training delivery.

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