SLAS2024 update: New tech accelerates drug development

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The SLAS Ignite Theater ‘Innovation & technology: from lab to patient’, co-sponsored by Integra Biosciences and Hamamatsu Corporation, will take place at SLAS2024 in Boston on 5 and 6 February 2024.

Developed by DDW in partnership with SLAS, the programme will feature leading research from experts in academia, government and industry.

Anubhav Tripathi
Professor Anubhav Tripathi

One of the featured speakers, Anubhav Tripathi, Professor of Medical Science and Engineering at Brown University, will address the topic ‘Accelerating biotherapeutics development through technology platforms’ on Tuesday 6 February at 3.30pm.

Recent advances in areas including microfluidics assisted synthesis and biologics testing, high throughput automated platforms, functional multiomics screening, artificial intelligence and machine learning have accelerated the development or frotein and RNA-based therapeutics.

Professor Tripathi’s talk will include key examples of methods that have been implemented in the therapeutics workflow which show reduced development time, accurate and precise data generation, and more rapid data delivery to the research, manufacturing and commercial teams.

What you will learn:
  • How advances in technology have accelerated the drug development process
  • Which technologies are likely to have the greatest impact
  • The methods that can reduce development time and ensure more precise data generation

On the role of new technology in drug discovery, Professor Tripathi said:A new wave of technologies such as artificial intelligence, automation, cell and gene therapy, and data science-driven design offer the potential to transform drug discovery. Over the last few years, biotherapeutics has grown substantially through technological progress. Despite this progress, it is still early to predict how technology will create value in terms of greater productivity (faster speed and/or lower cost), broader molecular diversity, and improved chances of clinical success.”

See the full programme and register your interest in this event.

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