SLAS2024 update: How tech is reducing failure rates in trials

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Be sure to attend the Ignite Theater at SLAS2024 in Boston on 5 and 6 February 2024.

Focused on the theme ‘Innovation & technology: from lab to patient’, the DDW-curated programme, sponsored by Integra Biosciences and Hamamatsu Corporation, will feature presentations from experts in academia, government and industry.

Isaac Bentwich
Isaac Bentwich

DDW can now reveal the sixth speaker on the programme: physician and entrepreneur Dr Isaac Bentwich, Founder and CEO of Quris AI. Dr Bentwich will present on ‘How artificial intelligence and patient-on-a-chip are improving drug development’ on Tuesday 6 February at 3pm.

His presentation will explore the impact of Quris-AI’s Bio-AI platform in the field of drug development. Delegates will hear how the integration of AI with cutting-edge technologies like patient-on-a-chip, real-time nano-sensing and stem cell genomic diversity is addressing the critical challenge of predicting drug behaviour in humans.

What you will learn:
  • The role of cutting-edge technologies like patient-on-a-chip, real-time nano-sensing and stem cell genomic diversity
  • The importance of AI for mitigating high failure rates in clinical trials
  • How platforms like Bio-AI can predict drug behaviour in humans

“This innovation is crucial as it aims to mitigate the high failure rates in clinical trials, which historically see 92% of drugs fail despite passing animal tests, leading to significant financial and time losses in the industry (approximately 53 billion dollars for pharma companies annually),” Dr Bentwich explained.

“The convergence of AI with bioengineering technologies like the patient-on-a-chip system is setting a new standard, offering a more accurate, cost-effective and efficient approach to drug discovery, ultimately accelerating the delivery of life-saving drugs to the market.”

He will go on to discuss the company’s move to Phase I clinical trials with a drug targeting Fragile-X Syndrome, a leading cause of autism and intellectual disabilities.

See the full programme and register now to show your interest in attending this event.

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