Scitara joins collaboration to drive biopharmaceutical advancements  

Scitara has become a member of BioPhorum, a global community that enables collaboration throughout the biopharmaceutical industry with the goal of accelerating scientific advancements. 

The Lab of the Future 

Scitara joins BioPhorum Information Technology, which aims to accelerate digital maturity across the global biomanufacturing industry. One of the programmes within the portfolio, The Lab of the Future, sets out an industry manifesto creating a pathway to unlock the value of the pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical sectors by realising strategic IT and data-driven objectives to bring the laboratory of the future to reality. 

Scitara’s goal  

Scitara’s goal is to help companies in life sciences solve the laboratory data integration challenge with its Scientific Integration Platform, a cloud-native infrastructure that facilitates a modern, fully-connected laboratory with data standardisation, data mobility, system flexibility, easily customisable workflows, and adaptability to a laboratory ecosystem.   

Official comments 

Chief Technical Officer (CTO) at Scitara, Geoff Gerhardt, said: “Bringing new drugs to market involves overcoming complex data management challenges in a highly regulated environment. Mobilising scientific data from research through quality control (QC)/manufacturing is critical to accelerating the pace of bringing life-saving therapies to market. Digital technology has huge transformational potential but regulatory barriers have delayed its adoption compared to other industries. Joining BioPhorum gives us the opportunity to work in collaboration with other like-minded industry leaders to share our knowledge, decades of experience, and resources in data custodianship to help science turn data into useable knowledge.” 

Lauren Morgan, IT Phorum Lead at BioPhorum, added: “Scitara is leading next generation digital transformation in the lab. This aligns perfectly with our strategic goal of creating an environment in which leaders in the international pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical industries come together to share information and accelerate the pace of change – for the benefit of the whole industry.” 

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