Radioactivity Assays for Methyltransferases

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SAMDI Tech’s radioactivity assays overcome key challenges in drug discovery by offering key solutions, including:

  • Detecting low amounts of product with sensitive assays
  • Generating data rapidly with high-throughput, 384-well capabilities
  • Characterising potent inhibitors by benefiting from lower enzyme concentrations

In this free to download TechNote, learn how SAMDI Tech’s radioactivity assay characterised low turnover methyltransferase enzymes, highlighting:

  • An assay format capable of measuring activities from picomolar enzyme concentrations
  • Characterisation of kinetic parameters to develop assays suitable for compound characterisation
  • An experienced team of biochemical experts with a collaborative approach
  • A suite of label-free and beyond label-free technologies to generate high-quality data rapidly to advance drug discovery pipelines

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