Partnership hopes to revolutionise treatment of spinal cord injuries

Spinal injury

Terebellum and NeurosolvTherapeutics will partner to launch Perineline, a new patented two-part therapy for spinal cord injuries. 

The drug has attained EMA Orphan Designation and it is hoped that it will revolutionise the therapeutic treatment and resulting end patient outcomes from spinal cord injuries.  

Terebellum will contribute strategic guidance in the pre-commercialisation stage, market access expertise, and supply chain logistics including distribution and fulfilment. 

Aidan Lynch, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, NeursolvTherapeutics, said: “We are excited to work with Terebellum to bring Perineline to market globally, to allow us to proliferate and enable ethically controlled patient access under spinal cord trauma consultants. 

NeursolvTherapeutics selected Terebellum based upon its strategic insights for early-stage products, bench market access expertise throughout Europe and the United States, supply chain logistics and exclusive distribution and fulfilment services. 

Craig Caceci, Executive Vice President and Managing Director, Terebellum, added: “We look forward to working closely with NeursolvTherapeutics in a successful product launch that establishes optimal pricing and ensures seamless product access for patients with spinal cord injuries. This is an exciting time to be introducing a game-changing therapeutic treatment.” 

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